Who are Vanquis?

We help people who are often excluded by mainstream banks take control of their financial situation. Whether they’re new to credit or need a hand rebuilding their credit file to manage life better, we join our customers on their journey to better credit by providing them with opportunities to access to credit where it may otherwise not be available. We open the door to more affordable borrowing and we lead the way towards more effective money management.

Part of the Provident Financial Group (PFG)

You can trace Vanquis back 130 years to Bradford when our parent company, Provident Financial Group (PFG), first started. They are the UK’s leading suppliers of personal credit products to the non-standard lending market. As well as Vanquis, PFG specialise in consumer credit with the Provident and Satsuma Loans brands. It also owns Moneybarn, which specialises in car finance for consumers in the non-standard credit market.

Our Blueprint

In 2019 we launched a brand new Group Blueprint. It has one, single mission: We help put people on a path to a better everyday. 

This purpose brings together why we exist as an organisation and the role we play in our the lives of our 1.8 million Vanquis customers. It’s the reason we all come to work, it unifies all of the businesses across PFG and it’s something we live and breathe everyday at Vanquis.

You'll notice it says the word “people” rather than customers, because they are only half of the equation. Our colleagues are what make our business and they are the most important part of delivering on this purpose. If it wasn’t for their amazing efforts, ideas and energy we wouldn’t be the successful business that we are today. So whether it’s better everyday communication, consistent recognition or clearer career paths, we aim to make working at Vanquis mean more #MakeWorkMeanMore

You can find out more about our Blueprint on the PFG website, here.

Our journey

We have an exciting future ahead of us at Vanquis, but it's important that we don't forget the journey we've taken to get where we are. Over the past 16 years, we've seen some brilliant successes. Our history means we’ve been able to help over 4 million people, who may have been turned away by the bigger banks, to build or rebuild their credit rating and therefore put them on a path to a better financial every day life.

2002: Vanquis was established as part of the group as its main credit card provider.
2010: We accepted our millionth credit card customer
2011: We launched our first fixed-term saving product
2012: We won ‘Best Credit Card Provider’ for the fourth time
2013: We reached over 1,000 colleagues across the UK in London, Chatham and Bradford
2015:  We won ‘Credit Builder Card Provider of the Year’ for the first time
2016: We launched our loans product to existing customers
2018: We won ‘Credit Builder Card Provider of the Year’ for the fourth consecutive year
2019: We launched a brand new Group Blueprint and 5-year plan which our 1,600 colleagues are embedding into their every day roles
2019: We celebrated our one-millionth customer using our mobile app
2020: We won 'Credit Card App of the Year' at the Moneyfacts Consumer Awards 

The quickfire round!

Sector: Financial Services
Products: Credit cards, Loans and Savings
Customers: 1.8 million
Colleagues: 1,600
Established: 2002
Offices: London, Bradford and Chatham (Kent)
TrustScore: 4.8/5*

(All correct as of June 2020)

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"I’ve stayed with Vanquis for the career development.”