Data & Analytics

Data, analytics and insight is at the heart of what drives Vanquis. Our customers generate hundreds of millions of data points each month. Within each data point lies information that when understood and connected with other pieces of information allows incredible insight to be gathered that we can use to better support our customers and drive commercial value for our shareholders.

A world-class analytics business focuses on people. Transforming the traditional model of “need to know”when it comes to sharing data and replacing it with a “know to need” model. It helps and encourages employees at all levels of the organisation to think about what data and decisions are needed to make fact-based decisions, and how to take things to the next level. It makes sure there are systems in place that reward curiosity, improved analysis skills, and re-thought business processes.

In June 2019, we were proud to host our first Women in Data meet up. We invited the Women in Data community to share our data expertise and an authentic view of life at Vanquis. Around 85 people showed up from a range of organisations such as Facebook, Experian, HSBC and more. It was a fantastic evening of data-related talks and fun networking opportunities from an all Vanquis line up – all enjoyed 28 floors up with the stunning views from our London office. 

Check out the event highlights here

We have supported Women in Data since 2016 in their aim to provide a platform for female and gender diverse data professionals to share their technical knowledge and experiences, and to encourage more diverse representation in the industry.