Celebrating Amie's 15 year Vanquis anniversary!

Chatham, Kent | October

Every month we recognise colleagues who reach long service milestones with "Better Everyday" awards at Vanquis.

We caught up with Amie, Operations Floor Manager, who has recently celebrated 15 years with us. Here she shares her first impressions from 2005, her career story and why she's stayed with us for all these years!

Tell us about your career journey at Vanquis…
15 years has flown by! In June 2005, I started in Collections. My role was to cover a bit of everything to be honest but mainly Customer calls and admin work. Back then (now I sound old!) I was one of around 25 agents. It's crazy to imagine that team size now. I soon progressed into a Team Leader position and for the last 5 years I have been a Floor Manager. Over the past 15 years I have managed Collections in our UK and South African call centre, both voice and non-voice. My newest venture is supporting the growth of Vanquis Loans, and supporting the multiple product journey.

What stands out as your first impressions of Vanquis?
I walked into a huge building full of people and the lift broke down! Only for two minutes... but once I got out the lift all my nerves had been lifted. I had never felt so comfortable in a workplace and have made friends for life since the day I joined.

What is the biggest differences between then and now?
The way we service our customers now as opposed to 15 years ago. We now have customer centric targets, established teams who focus on our customer outcomes and we work through our complaints one by one to identify where we can improve.

What's made you stay here for 15 years?
It does not feel like 15 years to be honest, but I am still working for Vanquis as they have invested in my development. The team of people I have worked closely with over the years have also invested their time in me.  I have some brilliant memories from Vanquis social events over the last 15 years, particularly the Christmas parties.

How have you made a difference in your time here?
Working here since 2005 we have moved on as a business. After working within Collections and Loans, I can share best practice across products and teams of people, helping the business head towards the goal of customer champion and servicing customers with multiple Vanquis products.

Congratulations Amie!

“Whilst we’ve grown there's still an underlying entrepreneurial vibe."


"It's a really, really enjoyable place to work."