My career at Vanquis: Connor

Bradford | September

My career at Vanquis: Connor

We caught up with Connor, Customer Service Agent in Bradford, who shared a little bit about his career at Vanquis so far...

Tell us about your current role at Vanquis and where you first started?
I recently became a Multi-Skilled Agent which essentially means I can support customer demand in both Customer Service and New Business during their busier periods. I have previously been in the Loyalty and Loans teams working out of Customer Service where I developed the many skills that have helped me move onto this new opportunity. When I first started at Vanquis I worked in a general Customer Service team and within a few months progressed into the Specialist Teams within the department.

What do you love about your current job?
From the moment I stepped in Vanquis on my interview day, I have loved the staff and the attitude people have to one another. Whether it’s somebody holding the door for you, asking if you want a drink or even arranging a meal after work. I have never had more friendly colleagues than at Vanquis.

I love the excitement of change within Vanquis, if its process changes, new products or even new departments, I am always eager to get my teeth sunk in and accept the challenge!

What prior experience did you have in this field?
My experience prior to Vanquis varies from different companies; I worked for a new company who was trying to get business off the ground, liaising with other companies to arrange contracts, visits and quotations. Prior to this, I worked at RSA within the motor insurance department.

What support/training has Vanquis provided you that's helped your career progression? 
I’ve hugely benefitted from the training I have had at Vanquis, from learning “Above The Line” language, to coaching and guiding people using my knowledge from the buddy modules. This training is not just something that benefits my work life, but also in my personal life with family and friends. It empowered me to develop others as well as myself for personal reflection and improvement.

What's been the biggest challenge you've faced in getting to where you are now? And how did you overcome them?
If I am completely honest, I feel that the biggest challenges are to pick yourself up and carry on when you are knocked back. A defeat can always seem hard at first, but once you manage to get your foot in the door, you really have the potential to blow the hinges off!

Do you have any advice for somone looking to advance their own career?
If somebody requires the experience or has a goal, I would recommend having a conversation with the person whose position you want to be in. From my own personal development, I used up some of my own personal free time while waiting for the train to arrive after work!

What’s the one thing people would be surprised to know about you?
I am a co-owner of an E-Sports team, arranging games and matches within unofficial leagues.

What’s next for you?
I am currently still very new to my role as a Multi-Skilled Agent, I would like to fully understand and become competent in the new role, then push to be a Multi-Skilled Senior or Team Leader with the confidence to grow and expand further within the company.

"There's lots of opportunities for growing your role and expanding your skill set."


"I’ve stayed with Vanquis for the career development.”