Celebrating Ian's 17 year Vanquis anniversary!

Chatham, Kent | October

Every month we celebrate colleagues who reach long service milestones with "Better Everyday" awards.

We caught up with Ian, Head of Enterprise Risk Management, who has recently reached 17 years with us! Here he shares his insights from 2003 to 2020 - his first impressions, career story and why he's stayed at Vanquis!

Tell us about your career journey at Vanquis… 
I was hired by Vanquis 17 years ago to set up an Internal Audit function which very quickly led to running Audit, Risk and Compliance. As the Bank grew, so did the departments so I focused on my speciality in Internal Audit. Most recently (last 5 years) this moved to Risk Management, leading me to currently be the Head of Enterprise Risk Management. 

What stands out as your first impressions of Vanquis?  
When I joined there were less than 60 people – it was the first company I had ever worked for where the executive committee were very visible and proactive in day to day operations. This visibility/open door policy remains in place today (even virtually during lockdown).  

What is the biggest differences between then and now?  
The most obvious is the number of sites and people. We have made huge leaps in the utilisation of technology to deliver the service that customers expect. 17 years ago, we relied on direct mail and a call centre, now we have an app, websites, 'non voice contact' (email/text) as well as a friendly/hard working contact centre teams based in Chatham and Bradford. 

What's made you stay here for 17 years? 
I know it's a cliché, but it is the people. Vanquis has always had a 'family' vibe, with a great mix of people, hence we tend to work and socialise together. The diversity in backgrounds and experience really helps with innovation and truly appreciating customers' needs.   

How have you made a difference in your time here? 
From a business perspective the increased promotion of Governance and control. From a personal perspective, it has been a privilege to mentor and help develop those who joined Vanquis as school leavers and to see them move forward in their careers to be qualified Audit or Risk professionals. 

What is your advice to new joiners? 
Embrace the challenges and opportunities, plus experience and appreciate different areas of the Bank to get a more rounded view of how it works. It is an exciting time with new ways of working and servicing customer's needs. 

Thanks Ian!

"I’ve stayed with Vanquis for the career development.”


“Because Vanquis is a growing bank, every day offers something different and exciting.”