Meet Linnea, Principal Business Analyst

UK | July

Linnéa began her journey with Vanquis 14 years ago in our contact centre and has since carved herself a successful career in our Tech & Change team.

We caught up with her about all things Vanquis, what her role as a Principal Business Analyst involves and how she's adapted to life working from home (including a fun new hobby!)

She also speaks about her experience as a female in the industry and how she's felt supported during her time at Vanquis...

Hi Linnéa, how are you doing?
Hello! I’m doing okay, thank you. Good days and bad. Working from home has definitely been a challenge, but I’m finding creative ways to make each day feel less like a copy and paste of the previous one. My favourite one has been working my way through my collection of hats - I’m currently on hat 76! They’re just a bit of fun for me, but seem to bring a smile to people’s faces, which is an added bonus.

Good to hear! Can you tell us about your time at Vanquis so far…
Well, I started out on the phone in Customer Services 14 years ago and it was my first permanent job. Since then I have had the opportunity to try a few different roles in different areas of the business, all of which have given me great experiences and knowledge which I’ve continued to build on through my career at Vanquis.

Can you explain more about your role as a Principal Business Analyst and some of the things you’re working on?
This role is very much focused around analysing and solving a range of problems, often very complex ones, and making sure that we’re getting the best outcomes for both our customers and the company. I love the challenge and the fact that there’s never a single, right answer. There’s lots of different ways to solve a problem and I get to work with some amazing people to help figure that out.

What are the qualities that you think make a good Business Analyst?
Having a naturally inquisitive mind and a real drive to look beyond the obvious, to really challenge assumptions and not be afraid to ask lots of questions. We work with so many different people from different areas of the business, so being a real people-person and a good communicator is key to creating those positive connections with people.

What’s exciting about Tech & Change at Vanquis?
There’s always been a real work-family feel in the teams I’ve worked with. We work together to achieve a common goal – And when things go wrong, we learn together and get through it together. I enjoy being on the fore-front of bringing new technologies into the bank, to help both our customers and our colleagues.

What was it that influenced you to pursue a career in Tech?
Funnily enough, it was never a conscious decision to build a career in Tech. It’s just something I’ve found myself drawn to and my analytical and problem-solving skills simply led me onto the path of becoming a Business Analyst.

Do you have any insights you’re happy to share about being a woman in tech?
I’m aware there is an imbalance within the industry, but I guess I’m lucky in that I’ve never personally felt the impact of it, as I’ve always just felt part of the team. There’s never been a time where I’ve been treated differently because I’m a woman and I think that’s a culture to be really proud of. We’re each recognised for our own strengths and the benefits we bring to our teams, regardless of what makes us different from each other.

What are your favourite things about working at Vanquis?
I love the people and that’s what’s kept me here for such a long time! Vanquis still feels like a small company, even though we’ve grown a lot since I joined. There’s a lot of thought and investment into people and the culture, which is exciting. There’s always new stuff being introduced to support us as colleagues. I also especially like the fact that I really feel I can be own, quirky self and that we celebrate our differences and what makes us all unique.

What’s one thing you’d like to learn, develop or work on in 2020?
I’ve really connected with the concept of Mindfulness during these last few months and I’m keen to build some new habits into both my personal and work life to continue to explore and introduce more positive changes from that.

Outside of work, what do you get up to?
My life outside work revolves around being a Sea Scout leader down in Margate. I have been a Scout all my life, and it’s something I’ve always been passionate about – It’s really the core of who I am. I’ve got so much from Scouting (and still do!) and I want to give that back to today’s youth, as they’re our future. I’m also currently completing my exams for my British Sign Language (BSL) Level 3. And in between all of that, I tend to find lots of random distractions: My latest obsessions are poi spinning (have a Google if you’ve never heard of it – It’s awesome, especially when you set them on fire!) and learning to play the ukulele. 

What would be your advice for anyone considering a role at Vanquis?
I’d say if you have the right attitude and willingness to learn and you put yourself forward for new challenges, there’s definitely opportunities to grow and find new roles, which may even lead you into a career you never knew you wanted.

"There's lots of opportunities for growing your role and expanding your skill set."


"It's a really, really enjoyable place to work."