Meet the Credit Risk Strategy team

London | September

Meet the Credit Risk Strategy team

The Credit Risk Strategy team are currently recruiting a Lead Analyst and a Senior Analyst to join them. So we caught up with Geoff, Vy, Jonathan and Eric about why it's an exciting time to join the team, what they like about working at Vanquis and some top tips for anyone thinking of applying...

Eric - Senior Manager

What is Credit Risk Strategy?
Good question! Credit Risk Strategy deals with making decisions about which customers we choose to lend to, and how much we can offer them. These decisions are made by setting rules based on information provided by the customer and Credit Reference Agencies, to determine what is an appropriate offer for an individual. So a lot of analytics is required to ensure we continue to make the right decisions for our customers.

What’s the latest?
It’s a very exciting time to be in the team at the moment, as we are in the middle of building a new decision engine, so we are undertaking a full review of the customer application process. The new engine will be a lot slicker and easier to use than our incumbent one, meaning we will be able to make changes to our decisioning rules in a much more agile way, allowing us to react more quickly to emerging trends when needed.

What are the current opportunities?
We are looking for dynamic, analytical people who are comfortable using data to identify trends and propose strategies for optimising the customer journey. As well as getting into the detail of the application process, analysts will have the opportunity to influence senior stakeholders and therefore the direction of the business, so it can come with great exposure even for our most junior analysts.

What’s it like to work at Vanquis?
Working at Vanquis is unlike anywhere I’ve worked previously. There is a real feel of being part of a team working towards a collective goal. Frequent socials and training ensures that there are always opportunities for personal and professional growth. Everyone here seems to be imbued with a positive attitude, and it’s infectious!

Geoff - Lead Analyst

What makes working in the Credit Risk Strategy team great?
- Ability to drive change within the business, analyse and improve credit strategies and observe the tangible business impact
- High level of autonomy to organise workload and complete tasks
- Positive, collaborative and supportive working environment
- Regular social & sporting events
- A wide range of mentorship & training opportunities

Jonathan - Analyst

How long have you been with Vanquis? How has your first month been?
I started at Vanquis 1 month ago. My first month has been a great, I am new to financial services (and to London) so it has been fun learning about my role and what the bank does.

What are your first impressions of Vanquis?
Vanquis is a cool place to work. What sets it apart from my other jobs is the collaborative way of working here, and how approachable management are. There are a lot of things happening here on any given day and you are often working on projects together with multiple teams and stakeholders. Having the directors around the office is also different because they are really open and willing to chat with you.

What do you enjoy the most about your job?
My favourite part of the job is the work we do. Acquisitions is an exciting place to work because we are at the tip of the spear when it comes to the bank’s core business. We implement the rules for who we lend to and control, through our analysis and our decisions, the bank’s risk profile.

Any advice for someone applying?
Anyone can apply for a role at Vanquis, you don’t necessarily need to come from a financial services background. Some advice would be, if you enjoy analytical work but also want to develop your business acumen, then a role in Credit Risk Strategy could be a good fit for you.

Vy - Lead Analyst

What are your top 5 tips on what it takes to be part of the team?
- Adopt the mindset of the customer – the greatest products always focus on providing the best outcome for the customer  
- Be curious – never stop learning, follow the market and actively seek new opportunities to improve existing processes 
- Be dynamic – a day in Credit Risk Strategy is never the same, be prepared to go the extra mile 
- Be a team player – it’s all about the teamwork, supporting each other is key when working towards similar goal
- Think outside the box – otherwise you may get stuck in the cubicle!

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