Meet Yalini, Head of Operations First Line Risk and Control

UK | August

Having recently moved from Risk into the Operations Leadership team, we caught up with Yalini about her role, the opportunities she’s had in her time here and some of her favourite things about working at Vanquis!

Tell us about your time at Vanquis so far…
I joined Vanquis just under 3 years ago, initially in Tech & Change, to now heading up First Line Risk Assurance for the Operation. My role focuses on driving a culture of well-managed and controlled risks and I am responsible for First Line Assurance.

And how about before you joined Vanquis?
I studied Chemistry at Oxford and then Biophysics at Yale University... so it might come as a surprise that most of my career has been in Financial Services! I joined Vanquis from PwC, prior to which I worked at Deloitte and BT Customer Experience. Vanquis was initially a client whilst I was at PwC.

What was it that attracted you to join us?
I was initially drawn to the bank by the immense responsibility that each person in a team has, on driving impact and being able to influence and drive positive and lasting change. I can say this is still what excites me about working at Vanquis! I’ve had some very rewarding experiences.

You’ve recently moved into the Operations team, what are some of your first impressions?
My team, and the teams that we work with, are not only colleagues but friends and it makes work that much more fun!
Additionally, being part of the leadership team means that part of my job is to make sure people with diverse backgrounds have fulfilling professional development.  Seeing the development journey of my teammates has been one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had.

We believe a balance of personal and professional development is very important, how has Vanquis supported you in your own development?
I’ve received excellent support since I started working at the bank. Nearly three years after joining, I am still amazed by the amount of time and resources Vanquis invests in our personal and professional development. If you are passionate about something, Vanquis supports you in that journey and equips you with the tools needed to deliver a great impact.

What are your favourite things about working here?
Our colleagues are our greatest strength and we value the unique differences among us. In Vanquis, there is a real opportunity to continually learn and grow. I’ve had many memorable moments – we have the opportunity to push our collective capacity, bringing all our capabilities and experiences together to our customers’ situations. It’s been one of most enriching experiences I’ve ever had!

"I enjoy the fact that each day brings a different challenge."


"The company is always growing, so there are always opportunities available."