Employee Communications

Our employee communications team creates the voice that speaks to all of our staff - from championing our employer brand to communicating essential day to day information.


Behind it all is a small creative team who are responsible for managing the physical aspects of our internal communication channels, for designing, writing and sharing a wide range of materials, and for successfully engaging with everyone who works at Vanquis.

With a strong focus on creative marketing, the team boast design skills, copywriting skills, communication skills, and whatever else it takes to unite people from across the world under one single brand.

But what makes this department stand out is that it’s one of the few where being a financial genius isn’t crucial to success. Our employee communications people are creative, passionate, outgoing, outspoken and original communicators who can turn even the most unimaginative piece of information into something that’s useful, accessible, interesting and above all, memorable.

Put simply, they’re the people who put the most into making our entire culture so vibrant, positive, and unique. After all, it is their job.