Risk & Compliance

The Vanquis Bank Risk & Compliance team come from a variety of backgrounds bringing specialised knowledge and experience to our business.

Our customers form part of an underserved sector of the financial market which is highly regulated by bodies such as the FCA and PRA. Due to the dynamic environment we operate in, our Risk & Compliance department face unique challenges and associated risks.

Day to day, the team identify, assess and monitor those risks, providing our business with advice on how to best manage and mitigate those risks.

The working environment has been created specifically to encourage an ideas-driven, progressive and open culture. Our team:

  • is flexible
  • understands the importance of long-term working relationships
  •  has an ultimate commitment to doing the right thing for our customers.


We caught up with Mikhail, Head of Compliance Advisory, about his time at Vanquis so far. He talks all things Compliance, what motivates, challenges and excites him in his role and his favourite three things about working here. Have a read here.